It works so easily, you just need to know how...

360° degrees panorama is a bit exaggerated, because only professional devices support it, but 270° degrees are a gift. Almost every smartphone supports this function.

Unfortunately one sees with little light - which is very often the case in the gastronomy - very fast Image noise and blurriness. You can help yourself with external light sources, but the result still remains unsatisfactory. At certain times of the day with a lot of light in the room, you could certainly achieve acceptable results with a smartphone. Maybe then not shoot 270° right away, but twice 150° or less. These images are more reminiscent of a wide-angle shot from a professional camera. Especially different exposure times in backlight and shadow in larger panoramas can be compensated much better by mobile phones at a smaller angle. The resolution (megapixels) is significantly higher than a native camera sensor in standard format has.

Maybe two more important points: Do not forget to focus manually and try to move the phone vertically to to turn the own sensor axis!


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