Hotel reopening after Corona lockdown

We have compiled the most important information for you, which you should not withhold from your guests with regard to the Corona crisis. We have also included a text example of how the information can be formulated:

  1. Inform guests about the time of the hotel reopening


2. welcome holidaymakers/guests warmly


3. explain hygiene measures


4. Offer flexible booking or cancellation conditions


5. offer discounts or vouchers


6. target domestic travellers


First and foremost, it is important to place this information on the website. There, guests and interested parties should always find all information first. Be it via a Corona info page, a link, a pop-up or simply a button. There should also be constant updates on your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

What's your situation? Are your guests sufficiently informed? We will be happy to help you and find the right words for you if you would like to supplement your homepage or social media channels accordingly.


SEO Optimization - Part 4/4

SEO Agency Tyrol

Part 4: Other SEO tasks - What exactly do I pay for?

Keyword ideas: Our keyword idea tool shows you what your potential customers enter in search engines (e.g. Google), and if you still have problems, just contact us and we will do a full keyword research and tell you which keywords are best suited for your website.
Keyword advertising and tracking: Keywords are the key to success. We advertise for all Keywords (= Keywords) that exist on your website, and we track all keywords on your website. In addition, you can track up to 10 key phrases in each country-specific Google search engine and see exactly where you rank and where your rankings are in the trend.
Backlinks / Link Building: We reach 100 websites every month in your name. This usually results in 1 to 10 good backlinks that link to your website every month. The better your website = the better your backlinks, and we always strive for quality over quantity. Backlinks are only one part of SEO, and SEO is a big, complicated puzzle with many pieces. Link building takes time. A long time.
Artificial intelligence / machine learning: Our AI bridges the gap between your website and the search engines, automates hundreds of small daily tasks to get you up in the search engine rankings, solves problems before they occur and much more. You can tell our AI which keywords you want to address, which #Hashtags, which geographical area and much more, and the AI works for you around the clock.
The end result of our work is: top search engine rankings for really important keywords, more website visitors looking for what you offer and more new paying customers for your business.

SEO Optimization - Part 3/4

SEO Optimization Tirol

Part 3: SEO - What exactly do I pay for?

We do a lot for you, do hundreds of SEO related tasks to improve your search engine rankings, so that you get rankings for your keywords, so that you get high quality Traffic and hopefully gain new customers. Here is what you are paying us for specifically:
Consulting: We help you get into the top 3, but we also help you make money, so why did you get into business the right way? We help you turn visitors into paying customers. We use brain power + data from all major data providers to give you easy to understand and actionable advice. Google publishes hundreds of pages of SEO guidelines, we do the hard work of reading it all and making it make sense for you.
Website audit reports: You can create an unlimited number of website audit reports that show you exactly what you need to do on your website in an easy to understand line format. We'll take the guesswork out of it and give you information that will allow you to outshine your competitors quickly and easily. You can even check your competitors.
More SEO tasks that we do for you, you can read in the next blog.

SEO Optimization Part 2/4

Hotel SEO Agency Tyrol

Part 2: Top placement in search engines

What results should I expect?

Every business is different. That's why every business will see results and progress differently, some taking longer than others. Great SEO results do not happen overnight, but you will see gradual, reliable improvements (results) in Google rankings every month. You won't be number 1 overnight. You won't see an overnight increase in traffic. You will not see an overnight increase in sales. Some customers come to us and they are on page 30, while others are already on page 3. So different customers will reach their top rankings in search engines earlier than others.

What kind of websites do we optimize?

SEO Optimization from Tyrol: As an SEO agency we support any kind of business, as long as the website is legal and sells a product or service. We are specialized as Hotel SEO Agency but for hotel websites.

Can we save your failing company?

Maybe. Our greatest success rate is with people who start over. If you have been in business for many years and your company is in decline, we probably can't help you. Yes, we have helped failed companies in the past, but we are not specialized in that.


Webdesign with WordPress - Part 9



Install your desired theme in WordPress.

Download Filezilla and install the program. Here is the link:

Download a text editor like Notepad++ and install it.

Connect Filezilla to your server. You can find out how this works a thousand times over via Google.

Create Child Theme folder:

Go to the directory wp-content -> themes -> yourtheme -> create a folder (yourtheme-child)

In the editor we now create three files.

  • style.css
  • functions.php
  • screenshot.png


Theme Name: [NameParentTheme] Child
Theme URI: []
Description: [NameParentTheme] Child Theme
Author: [Your name]
Author URI: []
Template: [folder name of the parent theme]
version: 1.0.0
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
License URI:
Tags: [here you can tag]
Text Domain: [NameParentTheme] -child

Please fill in placeholders!




Take a desired image in *.png format, which will stand as a symbol for your theme.

Save the text files as *.txt and then change the file extension to .php; .css on the desktop or file manager.

Upload data to the created folder.

Activate Child Theme: In WordPress go to the tab Design -> Themes -> Select and activate Child Theme.



SEO Optimization Part 1/4

SEO Agency Tyrol

Part 1: What will we as SEO Agency Tyrol do for your company?

SEO Agency Tyrol. We are an online marketing agency from the Tiroler Oberland and will provide you with professional SEO ( = Search Engine Optimization) = search engine optimization help to win new customers and thus increase your sales.
+ Be the top 3 in Google visibility for your products and services
+ Attract many high quality website visitors with SEO support from Tirol
+ Experience a big increase in sales with tailor-made SEO measures

What will we as an SEO agency do for your company?

If you are looking for the best SEO consultant in Tyrol who will promote your website, get you ranked in the top 3 search engines, get quality traffic and paying customers, then you have come to the right place. We will introduce you to your website so that you will rank first in the search engines for your keywords and eventually attract quality visitors who will hopefully buy what you are selling. This takes at least 12 months and you need to sell a good product or service! Expect perfect SEO support from Tirol. We are also there for you 365 days a year.

Who needs websites optimized for search engines?

Any website that is not currently in the top 10 in search engines needs good SEO. Any website that does not get the maximum amount of traffic it should get needs good SEO. Any business that doesn't convert current visitors into paying customers needs good SEO. With our SEO agency we serve companies all over Austria and Germany. It does not matter for our support whether your company is located in Innsbruck, the Außerfern or the Allgäu. Our team of SEO- Webdesign & Online-Marketing specialists has only one goal: to promote your success on the Internet through suitable SEO strategies.

Webdesign with WordPress - Part 8



Your site is already secure and converted to SSL? Good, then we install your theme and start with the actual design.

If your site is not secure, you will find HERE a guide from previous contributions.

Why you should use a child theme is obvious, because it keeps your design changes and other settings permanently available. Without a child theme it can happen that an update overwrites all settings and changes your design.

Furthermore, changes are only made to the child theme and not to the actual theme. So we also have a backup. For this you need a FTP access to your data on the server of your provider. More details will follow in the next article.


Webdesign with WordPress - Part 7



If the WordPress installation is not new and you switch to SSL, there are probably many links in the "http://*" version. These must now all be changed to https://*.

Open your homepage in your web browser and make sure that the address bar shows a closed lock . This shows you that the site is secure. When the lock open exists, you must replace unsafe content and remove external links to unsafe sites or switch to https://

You can do this manually by replacing all images with new ones and rewriting all links, OR you can use a plugin that rewrites the database directly.

To do this, install the "Better Search Replace" Plugin.


Activate the plugin and then switch to the Tools tab and select the plugin. Fill in the fields. Use your own domain.

Search in field ->
In the field replace ->

Select ALL tables with the mouse.

Activate the test run. Once the test run has been successfully completed, get serious.

Now your site should be safe. Check everything.


Webdesign with WordPress - Part 6



WordPress was installed and your Url is reachable? Good, then log in and we will go through a few important steps.

The page on SSL ...around. The purchase of a SSL certificate is not enough to encrypt your site. First you have to change your site to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol SECURE. Go to the Settings tab and enter all the information that is required. In the WordPress URL section, instead of can be entered. Do not forget to save.

Further the htaccess file should be fed with security entries, so that you are only accessible via SSL. The easiest way is to install the YOAST SEO plugin or edit the htaccess file via FTP access. With Yoast go to the tab SEO and click on Tools, then on File Editor. Here it is very important that you work clean!

Websites that can only be accessed in encrypted form usually redirect users immediately to the HTTPS version. However, this method has one disadvantage: An attacker can use a man-in-the-middle attack to prevent the user from being redirected to the HTTPS version; he can intercept all traffic and even present the user with a fake version of the page via HTTP. To prevent this, please enter the following codes:

In the htaccess file area enter the following at the bottom before the entry # END WordPress one:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]
Header set Strict-Transport-Security: "max-age=63072000; includeSubDomains; preload"

Enable #HST header

Header set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=15768000; includeSubDomains" env=HTTPS

Then click on Save!

Open your homepage in your web browser and make sure that you see a closed lock in the address bar . Only now should you feed your WordPress installation with data.

If your site is classified as unsafe, you will learn in the next issue how these problems can be solved.


Webdesign with WordPress - Part 5


The SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) is used to encrypt data from and to your homepage. Thus it can be prevented that persons can read out transmitted data and use it for their own interest. Without encryption it is relatively easy to read out transmitted data of an order process. So this data can end up in the wrong hands.

The effects range from spam mails to bank account evictions and extortion. To prevent this, you as a website operator are obliged to encrypt your site if necessary.

The SSL certificate is available in different versions (security levels). So it makes a difference what you want to do with your site. As soon as you collect data from visitors (contact form, newsletter registration, shop etc.) you are legally obliged to encrypt your homepage. Thereby it is completely sufficient Alpha SSL Certificate to use. Banks, insurance companies, large online shops, or state-owned businesses use higher security standards.

Why you are a SSL Certificate even if you do not collect any data, lies in the fact that Google will reward your page in the ranking. You will be given preference over an equivalent site without an SSL certificate and will appear above it in the search results.