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Stories create images

How many times have we taken great pictures in a hotel or chalet village and found out months later that the shots are still in the archives! No one had the time to give these photos the necessary frame. With appropriate textual content, at the right time to place on Facebook and Instagram. In only 6 months we can achieve a lot together, on the homepage and in the social media!

Let's talk about how storytelling can improve and optimize your marketing without any additional investment!


Training with Ratko and Klaus Kobjoll

Panasonic S1R camera

Photography course for everyone

I'll show you some cool tricks to make your pictures better.
It doesn't matter if you shoot with a cell phone, SLR or medium format camera.
In addition, you will learn how to film, sort and edit images.

Online deadline: March 3, 2022


If you want to edit your homepage yourself and have background knowledge about WordPress, then this training is just right for you. In just a few hours you can create everything yourself.

Online deadline: 26 April 2022


We want to help our customers get a handle on the biggest problem in the hotel industry, "finding and keeping employees". Get ideas and tips from the world's best-known insider in the hotel industry, Klaus Kobjoll.

Hotel Schindlerhof in Nuremberg

Hotel Marketing Mentoring

STORYTELLING: Condense your communication into a message, in a compelling story. Customers love clarity and hate confusion. That's why they don't buy the best product, but a good one, that they understand immediately! Source: Alexander Christiani


Host with heart and soul, but have no time
for you and the computer - "baloney"?


of becoming the leading hotel in the region through individual appearance?


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