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Finding the right target group has become a nightmare. This is the same as integrating the right payment method into your webshop. There is not the right one, but surely a target group that prefers to consume your products or services.

We all use Means of payment: Starting with transfers via PayPalCredit card up to the cash payment on site. Of course it costs time and money to integrate everything. But imagine you could rent a holiday flat to a family of 4 for 1000,-€ in the low season. After a long time of surfing and comparing on the internet, the family has finally decided on your accommodation and starts to tap their personal data into the online booking form. After the third page this family finds out that their preferred payment method is not included, namely payment with PayPal. So they do not book now, but will transfer the deposit tomorrow. But tomorrow the account balance has changed unfavourably downwards and the holiday planning is put on the back. Now you have to ask yourself how many such customers you lose per year because of this, or is the PayPal fee of 2% for this?

Let's get back to the target group. Since we also film and photograph exclusive weddings, we have started a Facebook campaign which will find all engaged but not yet married people between 25-45 years within our desired radius. Actually a classic penalty kick situation. Nothing has come of it, but nothing at all. Another campaign, which promised much less, has, on the other hand, brought us into the Champions League at Wedding Photographers brought. Often you just have to try it out. With the wisdom of hindsight, I'm sure we'll get much smarter.


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