RATKO | Radomir Gabric

I love it when DJI launches a new product. Not only is it better than its predecessor, but often - as with the OSMO Pocket - it opens up new possibilities that greatly expand your creative scope.

On the one hand, the Mavic 2 Zoom an image quality that is simply incredible. In addition, the size and battery life make this drone a must-have. So if you can live without 4K/60FPS, there's nothing better on the market right now. The OSMO Pocket I just ordered, but it hasn't arrived yet. However, various reviews show what the Chinese conjure up for us. Besides the GoPRO 7, this is the best action camera. Smaller and with a 3-axis gimbal is not possible anymore. The photo quality is not exactly top-notch, but the video function is incredibly good.


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