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Are private hotels or family businesses actually more successful?

Private hotels captivate above all by their individuality. The private hotels are contrasted with branded companies, whose number of hotels has increased sixfold in the last 25 years. In the analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses, the vision, i.e. the question in which direction the company wants to develop, is the first priority. What is the company's attitude, conviction and philosophy? It serves as a basic orientation for the employees, but the vision should also be made visible to the guests.

The concept that makes a hotel unique is the result of special marketing measures, the selection of the target group, unique selling proposition and a corporate and business strategy. 

Advantages of family-run businesses:

  1. Preservation of the entire profit for the entrepreneur
  2. Sole freedom of decision of the owner
  3. Personal atmosphere 
  4. Flat hierarchies
  5. High flexibility in the deployment of employees 
  6. Fast reaction to guest requests
  7. Direct contact to the guest 
  8. Personal presence of the hotelier 

Disadvantages of family-run businesses:

  1. Full responsibility 
  2. Full liability for the success of the company
  3. Being permanently overloaded
  4. No time for strategic approach due to the predominant daily tasks
  5. Financial aspect can cause difficulties 
  6. risk of indebtedness 
  7. Business management thinking due to lack of knowledge 
  8. Succession plan, children do not want to join the family business
  9. Permanent presence during operation 

In the next blog, we'll tell you more about successful marketing strategies and family business positioning.


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