As already reported in one of our previous articles, an eSport Corner is interesting for all those who already own a pub, restaurant, hotel or shopping mall and have a room left over that is not being put to good use. An eSport Corner transforms what was once a storage room into a modern gaming room, which expands the offer for the guests and ensures additional turnover. The gaming room is fully equipped with powerful high-end gaming PCs, ergonomic gaming chairs and high-quality gaming hardware. The most popular games, such as League of Legends, Fortnite etc. are pre-installed and updated daily by the eSport Corner team.

What exactly does it take to become an eSport Corner Partner?

- an existing area of at least 36 sqm
- Electricity: at least 2 fused sockets
- Internet connection
- no additional personnel
- minimal effort, as the eSport Corner team takes care of the entire process

The heart of the system, a DELL server that controls the whole system, as well as the software and complete cabling is provided and installed by eSport Corner.

During the whole time the following services are included:

- commissioning
- Daily game updates
- Software maintenance
- Hardware repair (server)

A business can benefit from an eSports Corner in two different ways:

The own products or services are sold better by the additional offer (niche): additional overnight stays, catering etc....

Revenue share (monthly commission) of sold corner hours stays directly with the eSport Corner Partner

Average eSports Corner numbers speak for themselves:

  • Stay of one player 2,5 hours
  • Age 21 years
  • Turnover per visit € 13,-
  • e.g. with 18 playgrounds the monthly commission will be more than € 2.000
  • The investment will pay back for you as a partner already within the first year

An eSport Corner is a unique niche product, which offers the opportunity to stand out from other businesses with little effort and risk and to provide additional revenue. eSport has, according to numerous business experts, the potential to achieve the highest growth rates in the world..


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