eSport Corner

Professional gaming rooms in various highly frequented businesses are equipped with high-end gaming PCs including all accessories.

An eSport Corner offers all gaming enthusiasts a modern meeting place where they can experience maximum gaming pleasure and exchange ideas with like-minded people.

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Expand your business, no matter if restaurants/bars/hotels/shopping centers or simply businesses with walk-in customers, with a niche product and generate more revenue through the added value of an eSport Corner.

We offer a unique concept in the German-speaking world for virtual pleasure.

The heart of the system, a DELL server that controls the entire system, as well as the software and complete cabling is provided and installed by us.

"eSport is growing like almost no other industry"


We need a room with at least 30 m2 (60m2 is optimal) for at least 12 gaming PCs as well as power (2-4 sockets) and internet connection.

The following services are included during the entire contract period: 

  • Commissioning
  • Daily game updates
  • Software maintenance
  • Hardware repair (server)

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What we offer
  • All games
  • Admin Management Software
  • High-End DELL Server
  • 24/7 service

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Our eSport CORNER are individual and tailor-made for every company. We guarantee a unique experience for established gamers as well as for casual gamers.