Who is in charge of Social media? Yourself? Well, originally you probably had a lot of plans and were very hard-working, is that still the case today? Like everywhere else, it often does not run out of time.

You can't share, either you're a chef, or a cook, or anything else, but you can't do everything yourself. Or maybe you can? Did you know that you can plan Facebook posts months in advance and post them at the desired time? A dream or? If I have time, I write my posts, distribute them over weeks and months and am always up-to-date. Sounds great, but unfortunately it's not. You have done your homework, but your customers are not interested in your posts because they are not up to date enough. So instead of more friends and likes, you even lose one or the other in the end.

The solution is a Media Agencywho does that sort of thing for you. It is not only about advertising texts, a contribution without a photo or film is really no longer looked at today!


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