Your Metasearch digital presence

We offer you high-quality access to the most common
Meta search engines and price comparison portals.


The basic functionality of a meta search engine or meta travel search engines (TSE for short) such as Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Idealo, Kayak, Tripadviser...etc. is to find the best offer from an individual search option. Thus, many online travel agencies (OTA) are searched and the cheapest offer gets the highest ranking.

Here it becomes clear how essential it is for a hotel to be actively represented in the most important OTAs, because the meta search engines access this data.


The goal is that the booking route of your own website appears on Metasuch websites (such as Google), the user books via your own homepage and you save commissions of the OTAs. In addition, your organic search engine results will also improve indirectly.


RATKO MEDIENAGENTUR offers you high-quality access to the most popular meta search engines and price comparison portals. With the help of our Seekda Cognitive software, the connection to these channels is quick and easy, allowing you to push your direct sales in the best possible way and, above all, to measure 100%!



The optimization of the meta search is a lot of work and must be constantly monitored. The skill of successfully using metasearch is an art and the success of your campaigns depends on you managing your channels tirelessly and carefully. Invest in Metasearch to remain competitive. You do not need any special knowledge.

We manage your campaigns for you!
...and you take care of your guests.


Yield and revenue management is understood to mean dynamic price and capacity control. In short, it is about directing the utilization or demand to free capacities with targeted price increases and discounts. Good yield management creates an even utilization of capacity even if demand fluctuates strongly and maximizes the overall yield, even if average prices are lower than planned.