We have also resisted for a long time. You have enough to do with Facebook and now you have to take care of Instagram!

Yes, it's true: Instagram is getting bigger and bigger and more popular in Europe. The numbers speak for themselves. Instagram can actually only be filled from smartphones, so the pictures are always up to date. Mobile phones allow us to make fine corrections and edit looks in photos and movies directly on the phone.

The results are impressive. You are still far away from photos taken with a professional SLR camera, but there is a solution for that. Various software manufacturers (e.g. FlumeApp) have found solutions how to Upload Instagram posts also from a Mac or Win computer can. That's obviously a dream for us. The photo can therefore be taken in peace in Lightroom and edit it in Photoshop and only then post it. For example, a foggy autumn day can be transformed into a dreamlike sunset with mountain scenery in the background.

And believe me, we are not the only ones who process nature photos in such a way that they always show the most beautiful landscape.


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