Megatrend Silver Society

No other population group is growing as fast as the 50+ generation. A megatrend that will continue to shape Austria and the rest of the world in the future. This brings us to the last major megatrend of our time:

MEGATRENDS 6: The Silver Society

People between 50 and 70 see themselves in the middle of their lives and want to enjoy the best years to the fullest, as they are now fitter and healthier for longer than ever before. They use retirement to continue working, studying or travelling. They still want to realize their dreams in old age.

The silver society is considered to be demanding, consumer and innovation-friendly, pleasure-oriented, extremely active and open to new things. The over-50s can afford things for which they previously had neither the time nor the money. Better quality can then also cost more.

No topic dominates the needs of the Silver Society more than health. People want to remain active and healthy throughout their lives. After all, maintaining physical fitness is the most important prerequisite for self-determination, self-realization and quality of life in old age. 

The desire for lifelong learning is becoming the norm. The future will therefore be defined by innovative products that keep "Silver Society" fit and mobile, quench their thirst for knowledge and enable them to live a self-determined and comfortable life. This will be achieved, for example, through lifelong learning, active holidays and study trips.

Security plays an important role in this area: society is on constant alert. A connected world offers more opportunities, but also more dangers: Cars can be hacked, identities stolen and privacy violated. New markets are emerging because the need for security is increasing.

Consequence Hotel Industry:

The 50 to 70 age group is increasingly becoming a growth driver for travel and tourism providers. Therefore: Orient offers for older people and at the same time do not isolate them from the "young". The interests are often the same. For example, adventure and cultural trips in combination with medical care, gourmet cuisine, etc.


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