Globalization Megatrend Hotel Industry

If you want to run a successful business, not just for a few years but for decades, global trends play a very important role. Of course, they only have an impact in the medium and long term, but that's what it's all about!

In today's and our next blogs, we would like to inform you about important global megatrends and what influence they have on the hotel industry. This brings us to the first megatrend:


Globalization and urbanization are one of the megatrends of our time! Our cities are growing, changing their structures and becoming multicultural metropolises that attract more and more people.

Especially in the hotel industry, the trends speak for themselves: Already today, only 50% of travellers come from "the West: Europe and America". From 2035, it will only be 35%. A new global middle class with huge sales markets is emerging. If we always keep the distant future in mind, things become very clear: In 2050, more than 70% of the world's population will live in cities!!! This means that cities will become bigger and denser, but also smarter and greener.

What does this megatrend mean for the hotel industry?

Urbanization, especially in our densely populated western cities, is spatially limited. This results in the desire to use the available space intelligently. Residential and commercial spaces are increasingly merging. Different cultures share living space, which changes the typical character. This gives rise to the urban - and in turn to a new lifestyle, the "urban lifestyle". The size of the hotel room will only play a subordinate role. On the other hand, the quality of the rooms must be constantly improved.

The new travellers free themselves from social constraints; they are individualists and pursue a flexible lifestyle. There is a shift from heteronomy to self-determination. The term "I" is becoming increasingly important. This brings us to the next megatrend, namely individualisation:


Travellers want to experience something special, enjoy and always be where it vibrates. They want to consciously take time for themselves, recognize their own needs and live their own values (mindfulness). Personality development is in the foreground (meditation, yoga). Doing things yourself, i.e. "do it yourself", is a big change in meaning (e.g. gardening, cooking, baking, handicrafts).
"Better instead of more" (e.g. High quality meat, but less. More green spaces in the city instead of more shopping malls) and "being different and novel" can be found in this way of life - so a differentiation from the mainstream.

This is exactly what a hotel must express for the future traveller. Concepts that celebrate and cleverly interpret cultural and social diversity are therefore in demand. The lightness that this creates in the hotel is also felt by the staff, and so they too intuitively pass on this attitude to life to the guests.

The next blog is about another global trend, namely the megatrend "Landlust" and the topic of ecology.


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