Megatrends in the hotel industry

The counter-trend to urbanization and globalization is the "Landlust". In recent years, it has shed its somewhat outdated image and is attracting young and old to the countryside more than ever! Because the longing of many city dwellers for natural, quiet and stress-free living spaces is growing.


The desire for more space on holiday is growing, because inner cities have an ever-increasing population and building density. People are increasingly looking for places of retreat for deceleration, reflection and inspiration.

Digitalisation leads to a side effect: it brings us into the world of images more than we can bear. "We believe that going back to nature is not just a trend, but reflects a real need in the face of daily information and stimulus overload," says Nicola Lichtenberg, Holler's managing director.


The increasing demand for energy and the resulting global warming are forcing us to "rethink" our personal purchasing decisions. Sustainability is the topic of the future across all industries, which will leave the phase of rhetoric in the next few years, because consumers are increasingly demanding that products and services also honestly comply with the principles of sustainability. So anyone who wants to relax in the future will also want their conscience to be reassured in the process. The consumption of organic products and organic food - but also clothing, furniture and cosmetics - is on the rise. We recognize, preserve and focus on the essentials. Minimalism means conscious and mindful renunciation. And that increases our well-being.

Here are a few more examples of how you can contribute to the topic of ecology or sustainability in the hotel industry, before we look at other megatrends in the next blog:

  • Make supply chains as transparent and as short as possible.
  • Instead of "carefully" disposing of packaging waste, don't produce waste in the first place.
  • Promote credibility through organic seals and certificates.
  • Buy food directly from the producer.
  • Donate leftovers from the breakfast buffet.
  • Offer e-charging stations for e-cars.
  • Plan a natural swimming pond instead of a heated pool.


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