Megatrend health and sport in the hotel industry


People crave offerings that support their HEALTH. It is the most important value for most people, especially in our aging society. But even many younger people no longer leave their health to chance.

The general need for feel-good factors and relaxation from everyday stress still exists on holiday, but no longer only through passive relaxation (e.g. in the sauna area). Rather, it is about a holistic relaxation culture that focuses on improving life skills: physical, but also emotional and mental. The focus shifts from physical to mental health (mindfulness). Offers and therapies that take these aspects into account are very popular (e.g. Ayurveda). The focus here is not on curing diseases, but on maintaining health.


There is an enormous development around the topic of "Medical Wellness", i.e. the hotel as a healing place: a new symbiosis of medicine and tourism, because the offers are neither hospital nor wellness hotel. It includes measures with a health-scientific approach to sustainably improve the quality of life. Establishments that focus on medical wellness must succeed in combining these two concepts and derive something new from them.


As the boundaries between work and leisure are blurring for more and more people, it is not only the classic wellness hotels that can help their guests to rediscover their work-life balance. Business hotels will also not be able to do without suitable regeneration offers in the future. Here, it will not only depend on the suitable hardware, but also on the overall concept of the hotel.


SPORT is also an essential pillar of the hotel industry. Gone are the days when the holiday-seeking tourist lazed on the beach. It is now known that lack of fitness and exercise, as well as stress, are major factors in illness. In 24/7 performance societies, the desire for fitness is more than a simple leisure activity. Today, those who exercise are primarily optimizing themselves to increase their performance for personal and professional success.

In the hotel business:

  • support guests in their health-conscious daily planning beyond massages and other spa offers
  • with appropriately designed hotel rooms or the use of health-promoting building and furnishing materials (e.g. Feng Shui, allergy-friendly materials, etc.).
  • intelligent enjoyment concepts in restaurants (healthy and healing ingredients).
  • Healing Architecture: As a prevention against hectic, stress and unhealthy environmental influences, buildings become a medicine.
  • Detoxing: Targeted selection of foods and care products; avoid harmful, unhealthy substances.
  • Transfer to mental health: mental or digital detoxing.
  • Healthy balance between animal and plant-based diet (flexitarian)
  • Mind-Sport: the conscious and mindful contact with nature, with others or with oneself is in the foreground.
  • New meaning of sport: away from pure self-optimization, towards a comeback of movement itself.
  • Not only offering workout basements, but also attractive sports and training facilities
  • Self-tracking: record & evaluate vital data (promote self-responsibility)

Bottom line:

Sportivity and health is a huge market for the hotel industry, it already has been and is becoming more so as health-conscious people want to be active in health-promoting environments. Sportivity is anchoring itself as a fundamental lifestyle!

Also one of the strongest trends of our time is "mobility and connectivity". But more about that in our next blog post.



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