SEO Optimization Tirol

Part 3: SEO - What exactly do I pay for?

We do a lot for you, do hundreds of SEO related tasks to improve your search engine rankings, so that you get rankings for your keywords, so that you get high quality Traffic and hopefully gain new customers. Here is what you are paying us for specifically:
Consulting: We help you get into the top 3, but we also help you make money, so why did you get into business the right way? We help you turn visitors into paying customers. We use brain power + data from all major data providers to give you easy to understand and actionable advice. Google publishes hundreds of pages of SEO guidelines, we do the hard work of reading it all and making it make sense for you.
Website audit reports: You can create an unlimited number of website audit reports that show you exactly what you need to do on your website in an easy to understand line format. We'll take the guesswork out of it and give you information that will allow you to outshine your competitors quickly and easily. You can even check your competitors.
More SEO tasks that we do for you, you can read in the next blog.

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