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Part 4: Other SEO tasks - What exactly do I pay for?

Keyword ideas: Our keyword idea tool shows you what your potential customers enter in search engines (e.g. Google), and if you still have problems, just contact us and we will do a full keyword research and tell you which keywords are best suited for your website.
Keyword advertising and tracking: Keywords are the key to success. We advertise for all Keywords (= Keywords) that exist on your website, and we track all keywords on your website. In addition, you can track up to 10 key phrases in each country-specific Google search engine and see exactly where you rank and where your rankings are in the trend.
Backlinks / Link Building: We reach 100 websites every month in your name. This usually results in 1 to 10 good backlinks that link to your website every month. The better your website = the better your backlinks, and we always strive for quality over quantity. Backlinks are only one part of SEO, and SEO is a big, complicated puzzle with many pieces. Link building takes time. A long time.
Artificial intelligence / machine learning: Our AI bridges the gap between your website and the search engines, automates hundreds of small daily tasks to get you up in the search engine rankings, solves problems before they occur and much more. You can tell our AI which keywords you want to address, which #Hashtags, which geographical area and much more, and the AI works for you around the clock.
The end result of our work is: top search engine rankings for really important keywords, more website visitors looking for what you offer and more new paying customers for your business.

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