Experience with Profoto A1 and B10 lighting system


Rarely has a lightning system caused such a revolution as Profoto with the A1 and B10 system. A1 has dwarfed the system flashes of renowned manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus and Sony to such an extent that I can well imagine that they will have to switch to such systems in the long term.

The advantages are obvious: A built-in rechargeable battery, fast flash sequence, more power, various light shapes can be easily mounted by magnet, etc. A studio flash that can be used in nature in this size is simply amazing. Imagine you are in a beautiful landscape, photo models are there, the sun is shining from behind, snow-covered mountains and a bright blue sky as a background - simply fantastic. Now take unleashed photos with a flash system as big as a system flash, but with a result like a studio flash! You couldn't wish for anything else for exclusive wedding photo shoots or family portraits. With minimum weight for maximum results! A must for all nature and event photographers! It can also be used very well as a permanent light for short clips by videographers.