Everyone wants a drone

Me too, but not just one. It's just awesome to fly. To have the possibility to film or photograph, simply a dream. To watch a landscape in real time on a mobile phone or a fixed display that no one has ever seen from this height. Who does not wish for that?

The drones have become very small in the meantime. Only two years ago we flew around with a diameter of 1.36 m and 15 kg. Every time again cold sweat on our foreheads and wet hands during take-off. It's a huge responsibility if this thing goes down. AUSTRO CONTROL Approval took over 6 months. Sure, you could fly into densely populated areas with that, but who'd dare? Once again: If 15 kg fly around at 80 km/h, everyone is in danger. Especially the pilot who's flying the drone. Today we are flying the DJI Phantom Pro IV: Small, fine, easy to take off and land, perfect picture quality, 60 frames per second. The Austro Control approval is now in about 2 weeks. The insurance has also become cheaper (approx. 150€ per year).

Just follow a few basic rules and be happy: Fly max. 120 m, always fly max. 45° above persons, never leave the display, always be with one eye on the drone, stay on the ground without GPS support and as always: DO NOT EXCEED.