eSports: part of our youth culture

In today's blog post, we'd like to briefly talk about the growth of the "eSports" field and what it means to our youth.

Digitalisation creates new living environments and leisure spaces for young people, which is precisely why it is important that new youth cultures are given opportunities and spaces to develop. Especially in the current situation, our lives are shifting even more into the digital realm. Young people in particular are spending more time at home today and are increasingly using digital channels to keep in touch with their friends. A particular increase can currently be observed here in the area of "gaming". People meet in the digital space, play games together, maintain social contact with their friends and learn how to use digital media - a necessary core competence that is becoming increasingly important in today's world.

eSports are by no means a marginal social phenomenon. Already 54% of the population plays a computer game at least once a week. In Austria, around 5.3 million people "game" several times a month and the average gamer spends around 11.5 hours a week actively playing games. In addition, the eSports scene, i.e. all those who compete against others in tournaments, is growing continuously and currently stands at around 50,000 eSports players in Austria.

Gaming connects: eSports & Gaming have become part of the culture, especially the youth culture, where the social exchange is in the foreground.