Has the medium format already arrived?

No, definitely not. It's coming in big steps, but still far from the general public.

Who needs medium format at all, if you can get over 50MP with 35mm cameras? No one needs more resolution. Yes, that's true, but the optical impression that a professional with Medium format camera is simply not to be overlooked. Often you do not know what is different, but it is just a horny picture. I love it... Not just the depth of field, but more the soft look that enchants the observer with many details that would otherwise be overlooked. One must not forget that at the moment the medium format is only consumed by absolute professionals and therefore the perfect results are not only due to medium format sensors. The cheapest ones are already available for less than 5000€, so it won't be long now.

All major manufacturers are already introducing something along these lines. At the latest in 2-3 years it will be so far: The first medium format under 2000€. Dream or wish, the future will give us the answer...