The best hotel photographer

We are, RATKO PHOTOGRAPHY! Fun aside, we're really good. Maybe we are not the very best, but we know exactly what the customers in our region want and when they are satisfied.

Nowadays you can also take photos yourself. Your guests will surely have great cameras with them and feel honoured to be allowed to take photos of your accommodation (inn or hotel). But be honest: Doesn't it show on the homepage and in brochures which photos are taken by professional photographers and which by yourself?

Also among photographers there are very big differences. To photograph only one room (whether room or restaurant, with or without models), you can invest a whole day with a lot of effort and attention to detail. The result is then not only good, but excellent! In the same way you can use the post-processing in Lightroom and "overdo" it in Photoshop. Award-winning photos are edited between 15-30 hours, sometimes with teams that all know their craft perfectly!

Of course, this also costs a lot of money, but you can work it out for yourself: If such a suite in a Nobelskigebit in a 5***** hotel costs over 1.000,-€ per night, what are 10.000,-€ worth for such a photo? An architect often has a photo of a room visually displayed in 3D programs for a fabulous €4,000 before a conversion. Crazy, right? But when a room conversion costs 70.000,-€, it somehow represents that, especially for a hotelier who knows exactly what his rooms will look like even before the conversion. On the other hand, a private room landlord from the Lechtal, who rents out his rooms for 27,-€ including breakfast, is not allowed to pay more than 10,-€ per photo, otherwise the whole year's profit is gone... 😩