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Tip 4: Social Media & Influencer Marketing:

After the target group and potentials have been determined on the basis of the ACTUAL analysis and the appropriate measures have been worked out in the print sector, you will work together as a team to create the appropriate Social media channels for hotel marketing. Make a precise plan of when, how often and with what you want to use which channel. Also check your personnel resources and define one or more responsible persons. No matter how motivated you are, plans that have been worked out unfortunately remain unsuccessful if they fail to be implemented afterwards. 

For hotels not only Facebookbut also Instagram. In Austria, the number of Instagram users has more than doubled in the last two years. In total, around 2.3 million Austrians use Instagram. Instagram is the perfect platform for a tourism businessin order to present the facilities, the style and the offer in a visually appealing way. A look behind the scenes and the presentation of the team as well as raffle actions are also optimal marketing tools to build up a personal relationship with the target group. 

At the moment, the collaboration with Bloggers and Influencerspopular people on the web with many followers. Maybe a cooperation with such social media professionals makes sense for your hotel, too, in order to increase the reach and thus the awareness level of the hotel. Especially when opening a new hotel or expanding the hotel offer, cooperation with influencers is a good way to reach the desired target group. It is important that the cooperation is handled transparently and authentically. Therefore, only select people for such an action who fit the hotel and therefore have a valuable target group for the hotel.

Good research is important here! We advise you to look closely at the channels of influencers to see if the person is posting quality content with added value for their followers. Follow the channel and see what stories and contributions are posted. Do they fit the hotel business? Then you can contact them and discuss details of a possible collaboration. These are best recorded in writing.

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