Are you a hotel operator or gastronomer and you are running out of customers?
The Carinthian author and advertising strategist Alois Gmeiner has compiled a deadly sin list of the domestic (and international) hotel and catering industry. His "wicked" and thoroughly entertaining critique of the industry is intended to shake you awake and motivate you to change something about your advertising strategy. We are enthusiastic about his surefire tips on how to definitely not attract new guests to your hotel:

Todsünde 1: I am the king of my guests 
Motto: I know what my guests want! One of the great killer phrases in gastronomy. Self-importance is the first step towards disaster. If you look down on your guests from above, like on your people, or even like on your subordinates, you shouldn't be surprised if you don't know what your guests want and why there are less and less of these guests coming? Maybe one should simply ask why the former regulars don't book anymore? The answers - and I guarantee it - will surprise and humble the king. Apparently, at some point, the connection to the guests was lost. In everyday life the "Gspür" got lost. This must be found again, so that the guest can once again feel like a king.tip: Do not be autocratic. Do not want to know everything better. Your guests (and especially those who no longer come to you) are the indicator for the changes that need to be made.

Mortal sin 2: We've been doing this for 50 years
Motto: That's how daddy did it, and grandpa did it too! Nice for dad and grandpa, but times have never changed as fast as in the last 10 to 20 years. 30 years ago, "canned food" was not a problem for tourists - even in upscale gastronomy. Today, in the medium and long term, this is the death blow for most companies. Why should I pay 20 euros for a meal when there are roast chicken or croquettes from the Metro or Billa on my plate. We have to react to this. And another thing - grandpa and dad don't even know how the internet works - how are they supposed to know how the modern guest works and who plans his holiday plans? Do you know when I myself booked my last vacation based on a normal hotel ad - 20 years ago. My selection criteria are homepage, hotel search engines, press reports about "special" hotels or locations, and Google search. That's it! Tip: Think into the future - new ideas for new guests! The more unusual, the better. Because only fresh ideas make a company stand out from the crowd and make it unique!

Mortal sin 3: Presentation on the Internet fits nicely
Many restaurateurs still rely too much on the "old" media - leaflets and brochures. Sure, they are important. But in my books I am writing quite clearly at the moment. Today a homepage is more important than a business card. Because a business card (or even a brochure) I can only "hand over" to one person. My presentation on the Internet is aimed at thousands. Just now I was in Florence and compared (of course on the Internet) hotels. It is incomprehensible for me, which besch.... Photos hotels as presentation about their house in the internet. Partly you can see from the photos that they were taken 20 years ago. Partly not even the bed is clean and full of folds. Good heavens - who would want to become a guest? As a low-budget advertising professional I would start here and try - with simple means - to spice up the rooms and make them unique. That's what I'm doing room by room at the Kinderhotel Sailer in Tyrol. The somewhat worn out rooms will be modernised in a child-friendly way - without expensive new purchases - just with a little creativity (you would be amazed at what is possible with a few hundred dollars) Tip: Many restaurateurs still don't realise it, but a homepage is their worldwide 24 hours, 7 days a week and year-round presentation to the outside world. So, make something out of it. A HP is - correctly used - a gold mine, or - wrongly used - a deathblow. Show videos - show beautiful, unusual photos - show the special - you just have to search for it.

Mortal sin 4: Chase the ideas out of our villages
Motto: And from our minds, one might say. Especially those who are excited about the latest car and its many features and small specialties are the most stubborn when it comes to accepting and finding new ideas for their own guests. In Tyrol, I was an idea obstetrician to turn a 08/15 hotel into a hay hotel or Stoamandl hotel. Without ideas, you can't go anywhere today. Keep your finger on the pulse of time - look around - make your own trips to tourism hot spots and LEARN! I'm still waiting for the opportunity to create a "Sound of Music" hotel in Salzburg or a Sissi hotel in Vienna with all the kitschy trimmings. I just read that an innovative Chinese businessman sells urn graves in Vienna to his fellow countrymen, which are located right next to the graves of famous musicians. Great idea - but do you actually already have an idea to turn the yellow danger into a yellow source of income? The Chinese are becoming increasingly wealthy and will replace the Russians and Germans as guests in a few years' time. The ideas are literally lying in the street - but you have to bend down or you can't just overlook them.

Mortal sin 5: The new guest? I don't know him, I don't want to!
A roof over their heads - that's all the guests used to want. Today things are different. It's gone so far that guests now even pay for a hotel that does NOT offer a roof over their heads, but innovative new places to sleep. Whether in ice caves, on tree houses, in concrete pipes, in wagons or trucks. Think laterally - or let them think laterally. The more unusual, the better - especially for PR work.
Tip: Important - never think of the turnover with these "bizarre" ideas. The idea of setting up an ice cave, a tree house, a former trench (we still have 100 years of World War I) or a hay barn for your guests to stay overnight will not fill your pockets, but they are simple, usually very inexpensive ideas to attract the attention of the press. And so the effort was worth it again, because many of them come to their hotel just to spend a night in a typical trench shelter.

New deadly sins will follow in the next days in the 2nd part of the deadly sins in the hotel business...


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