In order to counteract the slow dying of restaurants, hotels and pubs, the Carinthian author and advertising strategist Alois Gmeiner has compiled a deadly sin list of the domestic (and international) hotel and catering industry. In the 1st part of our blog series "Deadly sins of the hotel industry" we have already presented some points how to definitely NOT do it. We are impressed by his partly bizarre measures and we definitely don't want to withhold them from you:

Mortal sin 6: Internet does not help!
Oh, my goodness! The whole world is on the internet and I even sell my books all the way to America - without even advertising them in America. Simply because you can find my books under certain keywords. And that's exactly what the Internet does and can do. But if you don't tell anything about yourself, then you won't be found. And it is also clear that the internet is of no use if the homepage writes old photos and a few 08/15-boring advertising blah-blah sentences into the homepage. A good homepage should stimulate the visitor, he should first "look" and then "read". Because Internet is also and above all the largest information medium of the world. And not only what you can do in your hotel, but above all what you can find in the surroundings of your hotel. For God's sake, do not link to the website of the municipality or your tourist offices, because then you will probably have lost your potential guest right away. YOU MUST SHOW HIM THE WONDERS OF YOUR AREA!
Tip: Why not make your own hotel book or restaurant cookbook, whether as a real book or as an eBook (with information about your hotel, but of course also about the most unusual sights in your area). A Kindle eBook can be downloaded from anywhere in the world, promoting you and your hotel. I am currently working on a Kindle book about Kutna Hora - the famous ossuary in the Czech Republic. Two weeks ago I went to the photo shoot, in 2 weeks the book will be finished. It goes so fast! My clients are always amazed when I tell them how fast and cheap such a cookbook can be created. But of course you have to know how it can be done well and cheaply. And I'll tell you one more thing - a brochure is thrown away - a book remains - for EWIG!

Mortal sin 7: New ideas - Des trau i mi nit
Motto: What tata na the neighboura saga? The founder of the first baby hotels, was laughed at in his own community. The creator of the first indoor swimming pool at a Carinthian lake called him a spinner (that was in the middle of the last century) and just 2-3 years ago unimaginative competitors were still ranting about it when a hotelier came up with the idea of warming up the lake water in front of his hotel for his guests. After the first successes, nobody laughed anymore - they mostly just clumsily followed the trend.
Tip: For new ideas you need courage! But this courage almost always pays off - through good sales, while those who laughed have to go begging at the bank.

Mortal sin 8: I'm too small for PR
Together with the confectioners of Schweiger-Eis in Salzburg, I have just developed the "Vice-Chancellor Cake" and dedicated it to the new Vice-Chancellor Mitterlehner. Just enter "Vizekanzler Torte" in Google - maybe Mitterlehner - and you will find the press release including photos. PR can be so simple, so simple, so inexpensive, so effective Tip: No matter whether it's a large hotel chain, small guesthouse or pizzeria, anyone can get into the media if they know how the media work. Ideas are the most important fuel here too. 

Mortal sin 9: Advertising is much too expensive
No, no, no! You can advertise effectively today with a budget of 1 to 10 Euros per day. And that really brings you new prospects and guests. But if you think you can fill a hotel with 100 beds with this. Sorry, no! You need a little more. Nothing comes from nothing. Tip: There are ways (especially on the Internet and via online PR) to advertise your business highly efficiently with an extremely small budget - even with comprehensible results. Because those are naturally with each advertising campaign the around and up.

Mortal sin 10: Well, do something for once.

I'm afraid I get clients like that all the time. I do an advertising or PR campaign for my clients and yay - it works. After one year the client comes back. Mr. Gmeiner, everything worked great, but now it's getting less and less. Yes, hello, don't expect any magic, tip: One advertising or PR - great thing, but only constant dripping will wear away the stone and bring constant demand. But there are a few possibilities for sustainable and round-the-clock advertising, which the advertising therapist has developed.

Well, do you recognize one or more of these deadly sins from your own environment?
Then you should quickly consider what could and should be done better or differently. Because the guest does not wait. They only and exclusively want a great, exciting, unusual, funny, romantic, quiet or wild holiday experience.


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