Hotel of the future

Thanks to the endless possibilities of the online world, there are countless marketing opportunities today. But therein lies the challenge: Which marketing measures should you take for your hotel, bed and breakfast or inn and are they worthwhile?

Increased marketing efforts with current products and services can gain additional market share in existing markets, leading to:

  • Increased bookings/sales
  • enticing away rival customers
  • Better capacity utilisation
  • customer acquisition
    will lead.

Your customers are increasingly resistant to marketing efforts? They tend to label them as irrelevant. This makes it all the more important to address your customers in a target group-specific (or even personal) manner and to deliver on your promises.

How does good marketing work? How should we proceed?

Building the brand / USP
In order to be successful and turn a "simple company" into a brand, you need a suitable concept and a unique selling proposition, i.e. a USP.

Defining the target group
In order to target (or even personalize) your customers, you must first define who your audience is.

Differentiation / courage to change
It is important to create a unique differentiation. Differentiation is possible through excellent quality, having above-average time for customers and employees who pass on the vision of 100% to the customer.

Positioning (SWOT analysis)
The SWOT analysis deals on the one hand with the strengths and weaknesses of your company, and on the other hand with the opportunities and risks of the market. The analysis serves the early detection of changes in the market.

Find niche
Whether you define your niche or your target group, you always try to specialize in a certain customer group. You consciously choose a certain submarket that requires special knowledge and is less attractive for competitors or they do not dare to take such a step.
To reduce the associated risk, we should opt for a multi-niche strategy or simply look for a unique selling proposition (USP).
This USP can be the design, the special service or the convenient location (speaking of location: we can turn the disadvantage into a great advantage...) and expand the core business: for example an eSports room.

In our next blogs, we'll look at global megatrends and how they're affecting the future of the hospitality industry.



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