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Individual coaching

Are you well advised with your marketing or advertising agency?

There is a big difference between good and very good hotel advice.

A hotel consultant has the task of relieving you of exactly the kind of work that is necessary to be among the leading and most successful hotels. A work that should not be dispensed with, but which - if you do it yourself - would cost you a lot of your valuable time as a hotelier.
Time that you should spend with your guests. Time that you need for your employees. But also time that you should find for yourself and for your family despite the demanding hotelier life. Nevertheless, many hoteliers take over all or at least part of these tasks themselves and have good success with it. We would support you to work more effectively and efficiently.

Interactive popups



Real time ratings

from different rating portals directly on your homepage.

OTA's price comparison

in different formats in real time, so that your customer sees that this price is the cheapest. It is no longer worth surfing further, but to book directly.

Examples that it works very well and from the first day more bookings are already on your own homepage can be found here:

Do you have ambitious goals? We help you to achieve them.

How well do you sell yourself? What sets you apart from the other hotels? What makes your hotel unique? And why should the guest book with you?

A well thought-out hotel concept that perfectly suits you and your house and highlights your uniqueness. Our task as a full-service marketing agency for hotels is to relieve you of work or to coach you with your own specifications so that you become better and better.


Is the price right?

We help you with the right pricing strategy to get more bookings. As a hotelier you know only too well how important pricing is! Trust in our experience in pricing and strategy development for hotels. We know what is important and know all the formulas for calculating strategic room rates, inclusive services and extras as well as creating attractive holiday offers for your guests.

Does the guest see you as you'd like him to?

The way you present your house, you will be perceived. We always keep an eye on your competitors, are constantly on the lookout for new trends and can therefore react immediately to changes in the market.


Your website must be seen, must be noticed, even if the user has not searched for it. SEO is the magic word. What is important when optimizing a website for the search engines, especially for Google? Which criteria must be considered? How can a website be additionally promoted or brought forward? Could you do this yourself and if so, how?
Regardless of where the guest books, in any case he/she visits the hotel website beforehand and makes his/her own impression. To have a professional hotel homepage created is therefore one of the mandatory tasks of a hotelier. The website is the most important sales instrument of a hotel and must be well done. Design, functionality, usability and topicality are decisive criteria for booking. To bring all these criteria in line, to be always up to date with the latest technology and to keep the content up-to-date - that is the task of our web team but also your task. Either provide us with the necessary information, or update it yourself on your website.
And in such a way that the reader enjoys reading your website, your text. The text must be authentic. It must fit you. We call this Corporate Wording. Does the chosen word convey the message you want to communicate? Does the sentence, the complete text, appeal to the reader? Do you manage to inspire the reader with your text? We create your individual corporate wording. Tailor-made for your company. Only then does the written text sound authentic, natural, genuine.
Your website also wants to be modern and attract attention! Because good web design not only has to look good, but also has to consider countless other criteria. It is important that images are used sensibly and loading times are kept as short as possible, that user-friendliness is ensured by a well thought-out, clear navigation structure, that font sizes are adapted to the target groups and that the design fits all end devices - from classic PCs to tablets and smartphones.
How well do you use the potential of digital marketing: Facebook, Instagram, blogs? Social media marketing is more than just posting on Facebook, uploading a few pictures to Instagram. Social media channels offer the possibility to let guests experience events, news and emotional events quickly, easily and above all personally, even if they are not in the hotel. Well-designed posts make the guest a part of the event and awaken the longing for a soon reunion. The maintenance of social media channels is time-consuming. An effort that soon pays off, however, if it is well thought out and operated. How you create your posts yourself or prefer to leave it to our professionals is of course up to you!
With targeted search engine advertising and conversion rate optimization to more clicks, more requests and more bookings. An important part of online marketing is search engine advertising. This is targeted advertising on the Internet that only appeals to users when they are already interested in the topic. As a result, the advertising is consciously perceived and the chance that it will be clicked on is all the greater.

How well is your newsletter received?

To ensure that your newsletter does not get lost in the flood of daily e-mails, creativity and know-how are required. The newsletter must be graphically appealing, interesting in content and functional. The timing must be right and the links must work. It must also not end up in the spam folder, and in any case it should motivate people to click. We plan, design and send your newsletter taking into account all relevant criteria and then provide you with a detailed evaluation. So you always know how well your newsletter is received.

Show who you are!

The corporate design is the visible expression of your corporate identity. It is practically the "dress" for your hotel. Corporate design includes everything a company needs to present itself visually: Starting with the logo, photos, film look, business stationery such as letterhead, envelope and business card to all printed and digital advertising material such as brochures, website, in-house communication media and much more.

The new website is online. But who will take care of it now?

Here we have two options:
Either we take over everything for you, that is you call or write an e-mail with the changes or wishes and we implement everything.
Or after a simple 1 hour training you can also change the photos & texts yourself at any time.

We would be pleased to inform you about individual conditions & possibilities: