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How effective Content marketing in the hotel industry is shown by the major international hotel chains.

For example, the Four Seasons operates its own Online magazinewhich convinces with pointed headlines and well-researched, attractively written texts and provides valuable information and inspiration for travellers. The InterContinental Hotels, in turn, offer their own podcast, which is played at three different locations around the world. The aim is to encourage travelers to set out on their journey - and of course to consider one of the InterContinental Hotels as accommodation.

Certainly, these campaigns are big-budget and cannot be implemented in the same way by holiday homes and family-run houses. Nevertheless, the big hotel chains provide some ideas how even a small hotel can do content marketing.

The first thing you should consider is what Target group you want to reach and what message you want to get across. Ask yourself a few questions about this:

- What do your dream guests look like and who are your typical regular guests? Are they for example rather business travellers or families with children?

- What is important to the different types of guests during a hotel stay?

- Why should travellers book your hotel? You will find the answer when you think about what makes your hotel unique: Maybe it is its idyllic location, the varied breakfast with regional products or your own ski or bike rental? Or does your house have a new wellness area and is especially child-friendly?

These are all points that contribute to the unmistakable profile of your hotel and are interesting for your potential guests. Tell them on the hotel website what makes your hotel unique - preferably in a variety of content formats.



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