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I like to write about current topics that concern me! 

Whether it's technology, a new piece of software, or current trends - there are so many things that interest me.
I do a lot of research on the Internet, ask customers and friends and form my own opinion. This in turn often provides the basis for exciting conversations, from which new ideas arise. Conclusion: 24 hours are sometimes just too little for me!

Ratko Media Agency
Successful family business part 2/3

We have presented the advantages and disadvantages of a private hotel or family business in the first part of our blog post "Successful family business". In the following we would like to talk about strategies and the

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Ratko Photography
Successful family business part 1/3

Are private hotels or family businesses actually more successful? Private hotels captivate above all by their individuality. The private hotels are contrasted with branded companies, whose number of operated hotels is

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Content Marketing Hotel Industry Blog
Effective Content Marketing Hotel Industry

How effective content marketing in the hotel industry can look like is shown by the large international hotel chains. The Four Seasons, for example, operates its own online magazine, which is presented with trenchant headlines and

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SEO Agency Tyrol
SEO Optimization - Part 4/4

Part 4: Other SEO tasks - What exactly do I pay for? Keyword ideas: Our tool for keyword ideas shows you what your potential customers find in search engines (e.g. Google)

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Hotel SEO Agency Tyrol
SEO Optimization Part 2/4

Part 2: Top placement in search engines What results should I expect? Every business is different. Therefore every business will see results and progress differently, some need

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360° Panorama self-made

It works so easily, you just need to know how... 360° degree panorama is a bit exaggerated, because only professional equipment supports it, but 270° degrees are for it

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Ratko Media Agency - Blog
Conversion or extension?

There I have my own vision, which unfortunately does not apply to 100%, but is often absolutely right. A very clever Lechtaler, of whom I really

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Webdesign with WordPress - Part 4

Part 4: WORDPRESS - DATA SECURITY: In the meantime, there are a few points to consider regarding data security. On the one hand, legal regulations, such as the DSGVO introduced in 2018

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Search Best SEO Agency

From 2.500,- € per month a Tyrolean SEO agency from Innsbruck advertises. According to the motto: If you are not willing to spend at least that much money, fill

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Event and Hotel Fotogfraf St. Anton am Arlberg. Mooserwirt
Sort & edit photos

How does that work? What software for Windows and Mac photos have been taken, the holiday is over, and now what? Actually we don't have time to

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Buy a camera. Guide
Buy a camera

What decisions have to be made? Short and sweet: 8MP is absolutely sufficient for an A4 printout! Books have already been written on this subject. Before

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Photographing in low light
Photography in low light

Difficult but controllable, definitely the supreme discipline! Even professional photographers get wet hands when there is little light available. With good technique and a few tricks

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