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Tip 3: Why offline marketing & print advertising are still worthwhile:

In recent years, online marketing has become more and more important and the possibilities are manifold. But before we go into more detail, the question arises as to which Offline marketing measures make sense in this day and age?

The basic equipment of Print advertising material is essential for a hotel. From business cards for employees and hotel signage to guest folders and information brochures - the hotel logo printed on professional printing materials plays a central role in the brand appearance.

In addition Direct mailings a good opportunity to address the target group directly and draw attention to new offers. Nothing beats the special impression that the haptic experience of a high-quality brochure leaves behind. The online world is fast moving and entertaining! There's a magazine that you hold in your hands and leaf through at your leisure, a welcome change that stays in your memory.  

Also the face-to-face contact should not be underestimated. Participation in local events or even larger events such as trade fairs boosts positive word of mouth. Of course, this requires special, branded equipment such as a trade fair stand, roll-ups for hotel information, seating and giveaways such as sweets printed with the logo. In combination with a competition, the hotel trade fair stand is definitely THE customer magnet! 

Printed advertising has therefore not lost its importance even in today's world and promotes personal contact with the target group as well as the positive image of the hotel.

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