Hotel Image Film

We are always amazed when we learn how long a good film production took, how many experts were involved and above all what the production cost. As a normal mortal you don't ask yourself this question.

You just watch a movie, whether it's a commercial or Image film is. A movie makes an impression. The problem is, no matter how good or bad the film is, they all cost a lot of time and money. So it's worth to add 20% and 100% to your target group or the audience, not only to reach them but to really inspire them. This does not work over night and already twice not with simple means. But with a good script, a systematically constructed storyboard, suitable technology, models adapted to the target group, a speaker who gives goose bumps with his voice, anything is possible. These are the things that have to fit in advance.

If everything is well prepared and if Sergio (our employee and sound engineering expert at RATKO MEDIENAGENTUR) has enough time to conjure up suitable sounds, then nothing stands in the way of a super emotional film. So that not only we, but first and foremost you and your customers will have a great time.


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