Blog posts about the city of Vienna

For good SEO rankings with search engines like Google, it is important to regularly fill your website with fresh content. A blog is the ideal opportunity for this. With these topics, hoteliers can quickly achieve new rankings on Google & Co and attract more visitors to their homepage. A blog is simply indispensable for hotel SEO!

In our next blog series we will reveal the best content ideas for hotel blogs. posts about city and country
Most users search Google for hotels in a specific location. If you're planning a vacation, you're usually interested in activities and places of interest in your city or town. For a hotel in Vienna, for example, experience shows that the following topics will lead to a lot of traffic on the blog:

  • The most beautiful sights in Vienna
  • Vienna - When is the best time to travel?
  • Vienna - What must one have seen?
  • Vienna - What can you do?
  • Vienna - Where can you eat well?
  • Vienna - Where to go in the evening?


2. blog posts for specific target groups
Write blog posts that address specific target groups. These can be families with children, business travellers, gay and lesbian holidaymakers, vegetarians and vegans, grandparents with grandchildren, wedding couples or sportsmen and women:

  • Vienna - Where to take children?
  • Hotel in Vienna for vegans
  • Holiday with grandchildren in Vienna
  • Holiday with your best friend in Vienna
  • Biker hotel in Vienna
  • Barrier-free hotel in Vienna
  • Gayfriendly Hotels in Vienna posts at certain seasons
Holidays are no longer tied to a specific season. Tourists travel all year round! Inform potential guests about the highlights in your city or region from January to December, in sunshine or rain. This is how you can draw the attention of potential guests to your accommodation:

  • Vienna - What can you do in winter?
  • Vienna - What to do in summer?
  • The most beautiful cafés in Vienna
  • The most beautiful Christmas markets in Vienna
  • Vienna - what can you do when it rains?
  • Vienna - Tips for the autumn

More content ideas will follow in the next blog...


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