Well, who cares? That's what a lot of people who work with advertising agencies think. They promise a lot, so it makes sense to know if you get what you pay for.

In principle the content marketing rather on content = content. It is actually there to constantly fill online portals with different content. Whereby content is not only text, but increasingly also consists of images and especially videos. The last two are becoming more important every year. Users have less and less time to read. A photo makes an impression in less than a second. A film creates emotions and the best part is that you can just lean back in your chair and watch. In summary, content marketing is a symbiosis of text, images and film, which is constantly being renewed and is presented again and again in various online channels.

Online marketing includes this and everything else that can be seen on the web. The goal is to find users, increase traffic on a homepage and ultimately to improve Conversion ...to do it!


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