After the megatrend of health and sports, today we are talking about one of the strongest trends of our time:



Completely in the sense of klimaaktiv mobil, the sustainable mobility one of the central topics. For example, a hotel of the future is no longer conceivable without electronic charging infrastructure. Car sharing, autonomous driving and drone logistics will further increase independence of time and place. As luxury will no longer be equated with ownership in the future, car sharing will gain more importance, i.e. "use instead of own!" Providers also have a solution ready in the tourism sector. For reasons of stress avoidance and environmental protection, more and more guests no longer want to drive to their holiday destination in their own car. The e-car sharing vehicle is publicly accessible, which means that in addition to the guest, employees can also use the vehicle. Furthermore, the bicycle (eBike) is transformed from a leisure device into a means of transport. It is ecological, cheap and healthy.


Connectivity refers to the new organization of mankind in networks. Without the Internet, a hotel can hardly survive in the future. Consumers have insight as never before into the depth and breadth of the tourist offer, which serves as the basis for many travel decisions. Facebook, price comparison portals and hotel review platforms have led to an upheaval in the industry: 56 percent of guests look at reviews on the platforms before booking. However, the possibilities of the digital age do not only trigger joy among guests and hoteliers alike. With the flood of information, one also gets confused quickly. Therefore, social networks are increasingly taking over the function of opinion formation. 

The boom in smartphone apps is also unbroken. Apps take away the fear of software installation because they are simple and easy to use. Smartphones and in the future especially tablets will spread rapidly. People will simply be used to getting all the information they want in seconds, whether it's information about the quality of service at a hotel or general information about the wine selection at a restaurant. The mobile internet is all about communication, information, real time and games.

In the hotel business:

  • E-charging station
  • Car-sharing
  • make the travel (all) day easier for the guests (e.g. check-in with a tablet PC comfortably in the lounge, current news and activities and seamlessly embedded mini-videos as well as small travel guides on the screen in the room)

Consequence Hotel Industry: 

In the future, hoteliers must clearly position themselves in the real-digital world and also meet their customers online. Digital communication technologies are gaining in importance, but attentiveness is suffering as a result! Integrate the guest into "real" life. Use communication channels via the digital world as well as the "real" and "true" communication channels (offline). 


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