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Did you know that with 15 % commission actually reduces our profit by 50 %? Almost all hotels work with at least one OTA and therefore more or less a large part of the profit is given away.
We are all very curious to see when the first holidaymaker after the Corona time will come back. One thing is certain, he will be remembered. We will make an above-average effort for this guest. That's exactly what it's all about: we should get away from maximum overnight stays and full parking lots and instead take care of the guest and his experience on holiday.

It is of no use to anybody to have 250 days a year rented out when the travel agencies, bus operators and all the other online portals (OTAs) take away endless commissions from us. It makes much more sense to invest in your own online marketing, even if it costs overnight stays. But in the end, you get at least the same amount of profit. 

I am convinced that in the long term this strategy will leave considerably more money than trying to get the parking lot full at any price. We have not yet recommended anyone to lower the price. Rather, we are trying to increase services and supply as a whole and thus at least maintain the price, if not increase it.

Be one of the first to save booking fees and win new regular customers after the Corona time with targeted marketing. Added value on site is the only thing that counts and we support you in this! With our own holiday apartments "Viktoria Lodges" in Bach we already have the best experience with this strategy!


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